I Miss You a Image of sad boy

 But I've seen before of course. You were the manPhoto of young boy with purple swollen eyes
who came yesterday. Why did you beat me? Why the dry purple
swollen eyes the tear ducts scratched till bleeding the young
abused face awestruck at an ancient destiny the cold crawl of
a future sunk into a half-full bureau mirror reflection
                     I watched my teeth drop one by one into a spotted
glass of water on the windowsill resting alone below a yellow
cab paused for nothing no one
                     I sunk deep into the dark flexible corner in the
back of the taxi alone on Central Park South a non-descript
fall day two business men with black attachés and black coats
collars upturned short brown hair muffled in an empty breeze
look downthrough the window in        to me a frustrated hailing
hand on my door handle  "But I don't see anybody!"  "The kid'sPhoto of young boy feeling invisible
in there!" with thumb stiffly curved over his should at me and
stare some more and a frozen halt of a blank face but I turned
away and sunk deeper still in the black vinyl of rolling forward
strength thinking: "I am invisible. Silent. I do not exist."
                     The wonder of a little boy. The silent non-being
of unblinking eyes.
                     Imperturbable calm. A ceaseless caress of invisible
hands on my invisiblelips.
                     I cannot blink to think.
                     I saw your eyes in their grand revolution above my
open skull                                                           like words of
praise that one great word: Yes. Come to me. I have felt your
languished breasts upon my scaly cheeks. Fault the furrows of
mangled teats in a wreckless triumph to a sublimated mass.
                   You could swagger your hatred of me at me like aImage of bruised and reddened man's eye
triumphant defeat all yours yet mine. A laughing proof of your
exact disgust.
                    Rage. Rage. Rage. I laugh in giddy terror.
                    Planes plunge so this is how I shall die
                    A thin silver streak divides my night as a blank
knife swifts through my chemise.
                    Did I ever ask you? Did I ever ask you for my love?
                    Here   mother: Here it is
Image of heartbroken man


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